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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 10:05 AM

Alright~ I'm back from the run with the people from Nike AP Team. Sacha lead the 5km Group while Meng lead (or was lead) the 8km Group. I personally joined the 5km group of runners as I don't see myself as a strong runner as of yet.

I had a great chat with Henry of Nike Taipei / Kaohsiung as he shared with me his experience setting up the Running Club over at the Store in Taipei / Kaohsiung. Not only that but he too is a strong runner and it was actually great to run with his pace and this too proves why he leads the run for the Running Club. Looking forward to our own Nike Singapore Running Club and getting to organise runs to train up for marathons, etc.

Though it was really a good run with good weather and company of good runners, it is sad that the only Nike Singapore support is only Lim, Sacha, Meng, Coach (Sacha respects him alot) and myself. What does this show of us as a representative of our nation to our visitors from abroad... Anyway, there will be another run tomorrow again and I will be there not just to support Sacha and Meng but to challenge my limits and take on the pace of the under 3 hours Marathoners from Nike. =]

Think I will go nap now...

ps: Thanks Sacha for the breakfast idea and that I am able to explore more into the world of running and being admist the company of prolific runners like Lim and Coach who shares their experiences so openly. I really enjoyed myself.


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