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Sunday, November 23, 2008 12:37 AM

Lets keep this post short. We JMD Alumni celebrated Steve's Birthday at Fish & Co at Newton on 15 Nov though we had actually wanted Chin Huat BBQ Steamboat (too damm packed).

The rest of the week was that of a mad rush. Nike 'College' officially ended on Wednesday and we were given a rest day on Thursday. Friday and Saturday was so tiring and exhilarating at the same time as we were in the store helping to set it up. The various pinnicle product line-up and the awesome video wall was breath-taking however though there was a positive vibe on the whole, some of us can't help but feel that there was much room for improvement in terms of the management. They were too uncertain about various issues and did not take into considerations of some of the simplest things and had us doing double work and even redundant stuff. Guess it is indeed a learning experience for them on the expense of our hard labour.

Nike Air Zoom Control II FS Premium is one really key catching shoe and I sure wouldn't mind buying it but sadly there isn't my size in the store and we have limited quantities. Hopefully you guys who are interested in this colorful street soccer shoe and wearing sizes between 8 to 9.5 are ready to buy it when we open our doors on 28 Nov.


1) saw Leon's signature at my favorite Fish & Chips Restaurant, Fin at Marina Square.

2) Got to know of a real cool place which serves great burgers at Vivo other than Carl's Junior.

3) Ganbatte Guys who are involved in the Performance on 17th Dec. I have Faith in you Peeps.

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