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Monday, November 10, 2008 11:35 PM

Another week in Nike inc has passed yet again and this week we had our last information feed on product knowledge.

People from Nike B.I.R.D. were in the office too on one of the days for an update of product knowledge to prepare them for the Holi'08 collection. There is much to say about them but I guess I shall keep it to myself at this point of time. Interesting bunch of people nevertheless.

Well, we had our seasonal sample shoes sale on Friday and it was a blast! The first half of the day was opened to Nike employees only and we had a lady who bought 45 pairs of shoes as gifts and for her family members! Awesome man~

The other half of the day was opened to the people which we shared the building with and I enjoyed myself much as I helped the consumers pick out the shoes they needed and explained to them the various technologies built into the shoe to maximise whichever sport they are doing. It feels so good to have consumers and colleagues coming up to me for help, be it in terms of product knowledge or simply to find the style they need. It was a Crazy day~

However, the sad thing is that the shoes were in size 9 thus I couldn't buy any of them for myself... There were so many exclusive models...

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The weekend was good as F4 and 03-batch got together and just chilled and stuff.
"Thanks for coming people and though the place may be a little run down I hope you peeps enjoyed yourself as much as I enjoyed having you all over!"

Wishing all a good week ahead and God Bless!

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