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Wednesday, November 05, 2008 12:43 AM

Another week has passed easily and so has my birthday. This year was pretty unique since no one actually planned on celebrating my birthday in a big way but lets talk about life in Nike first.

The whole week zoomed passed us at a glance as we were heavily bombarded with details of Nike Technology in Footwear, Apparel and Equipment. This kinda put everyone in a daze as our head is subjected to information overload of not only whatever we had learnt in terms of company policies, the Nike Maxims, the Marketing Strategies and etc but now we have to cram so much more of product knowledge into our brains. I am lucky that I already have quite a background in terms of the technology found in Nike shoes due to my own interest but I still feel that I have tons of data yet to digest. There is just so much to learn.

- - - - - - - - - -

01 Nov 2008, Saturday
OSIM Singapore Corporate Triathlon 2008
East Coast Park (near the East Coast Food Centre and Car Park E2)
Came in at no.39
Register no. 0522
swim 200m :: 00:05:39
cycle 10km :: 00:26:12
run 2km :: 00:11:00
Total :: 00:42:50

Thats the crazy shit I did on the day before my birthday! It was raining in the morning thus the Mini Individual Categories (Corporate) was delayed by 30mins however it did not dampen the Nike spirit burning in all of us. It sure was a sight to behold as I was dressed in a Triathalon Race Suit and getting myself all muddy and unglam for the cameras clicking away. If you know me well enough you will know how much I hate the mud and dirt. I was given the Nike Air Zoom Speed Cage to race in but as I was so conscious about maintaining the cleanliness of the shoe I ran in my Nike Air Zoom Dunkesto instead much to the shock of many of my superiors.

After the Triathlon I sms the guys if they wanted to play basketball in NYP though I was really tired but then there was just too much excitment and adrenaline in me after the race. Therefore, we played 2 hours plus of basketball in school before XM, OZ, Trix and I find ourselves chilling at Burger King Wheelock and then shopping in town.

- - - - - - - - - -

Played basketball at Cairnhill C.C. before heading down to The Cathay to watch High School Musical 3 with Trix, Gerry and Merlion. It was a much better movie than the last and I noticed that Disney put in more effort into the choreography of the pieces and Broadway Jazz as the foundation of most of them. It is a pleasent movie which may keep you smiling for the rest of the day as the sweetness slowly gets to you or when you remember how cliché some scenes are.

Side Story: I scolded this group of about 8 teenagers which came in late and they were creating such a ruckus with their loud chit-chatting and disgusting laughter. Moreover, one of them was actually talking on the phone and thinks he owns the whole cinema. As the movie had started and they didn't seem to have the proper cinema etiquette and continued to be a nuisance I spoke up.

Dan :: If you don't mind, can you guys please~ SHUT UP!

Gurl B :: psst.. we better keep quiet.

Gurl A / Butch :: Eh... Why must we?

Dan :: You people are a Nuisance and I believe everyone in this cinema will agree with me!

Gurl A / Butch :: Oei! You ah Beng ah!? Tell us to... (Dan cuts her off)

Dan :: Hey, You have an issue!? Let's take it outside then!

Guy A :: Hey, Be a Gentleman~

Dan :: Sure! Then you all better keep SHUT UP then!

- - - - - - - - - -

We then headed down to OZ's place for the Wii sessions... Think the guys wanted to celebrate for me but I kinda screwed XM's plan due to bad coordination on their part and my unknowing defiance to cooperate. Anyway, Thanks Guys for the Nike Boston Bag (brown)!! Oh yeah~ I got myself a CK Bag on Saturday... Hee~

- - - - - - - - - -

Here are some photos!! GOD BLESS PEOPLE!!

Running to the Bike after the swim.

Running towards the finish line.

My Muddy Dunkesto

Nike Retail

Nike S.E.A.

Pancake Celebration


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