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Sunday, October 26, 2008 6:14 AM

This has been a pretty fast week. Work was relatively easy as we went out on field trips to further enhance our knowleadge of various form of Customer Service and how different companies marketed their products through their adverts and image.

Something interesting :: I wore my Pony canvas shoe on Friday and was being reminded not to wear competitor's product at work. I did not realise that Pony is a direct competitor to Nike since I got my shoes for SGD 10 at Royal Sporting House at Suntec. However I was told that they have a cult following in the Europe region as it popularity dates back to the 1980s.

"You always learn and grow in Nike inc."

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This is my new pair of kicks which my Mum sponsored for my upcoming Birthday. Its cool ain't it? The Air Max 1 White Woven from Mixed Martial Arts fighter Caol Uno and Nike with this collection of 10AC inspired kicks. I am so gonna rock them in the upcoming run next week at Nike!

ps: Anyway, the Carmelo's are on sale at Suntec outside of Nike Bird and they have it in size 12.5!! Its one of the most comfy basketball shoes I had ever worn! So tempted to get them however I had my mind set on the Air Max 1 White Woven and I do not regret doing so. Moreover, I have so many Basketball shoes to play in. =]

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