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Monday, October 13, 2008 12:20 PM

Oct 5th :: Sprained my left leg at C.C.C. all thanks to an old friend whom I haven't met for ages. Damm it~ Hahaha! After which I had a heavy dosage of Wii madness over at OZ's courtesy of XM.

Oct 8th :: Watched 風雲決 at AMK Hub with Steve, BT, KK & Trix. Its not bad for an animated flim but definately could have been much better. (watcch it only on weekdays)

Oct 9th :: Had an interview with NIKE SINGAPORE PTE LTD in regards to the job of Retail Associate / Athelete. The interview started at 11.15am and ended at 1.30pm... It was fun and so motivating all thanks to my 'lady boss' and I seriously wanted the job when I left. Well, good news is... I received a call at 5.50pm to inform me that I got the job. =]

Oct 11th :: Went down to NIKE to sign the contract of a minimum bond of 6 months, etc, etc. Saw a couple of my colleagues to be and all are so sporty. Sadly, all men though~ I was thrilled that my 'lady boss' likes me much and thinks well of me. Hopefully I would not disappoint her and am able to bring my expertise in sales, events and my knowledge of the brand to good use.

Oct 12th :: Trix took part in the Central Mall Singapore J-Pop Idol Singing competition. Sadly, neither did she win nor did she put up a spectacular performance. In my own opinion, it was definately not one of her best... Oh well, at least she still impressed and all.

ps: The winner is too 'sexily' alluring *pukes~

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