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Thursday, October 02, 2008 9:23 AM

Canberra vs Hougang
74 to 60

I did not contribute to the score at all... All I had were a couple of rebounds and creating some space for my team mates and making sure that the defense was up.

Next game will be against the sharp-shooting 3 pointers of Puggol Central who beat Hong Kah North, 79 to 66 effortlessly. Hopefully we will be able to match up to them and beat them.

The game will be played on 20th Oct at 7.30pm at Yishun Stadium.

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My feet is still painful from the blisters caused by the feet massaging machine; Osim's Big Foot. However, my mum uses it often and she doesn't have any problem with it... Damm! The blisters are found at the most fragile area of my feet, right in the center and it still hurts though I have removed the blood and water from it... Hopefully I fully heal by Friday.

ps: I need to train up more for the basketball game~

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