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Tuesday, October 21, 2008 11:18 PM

Another week has passed and it was all about living life the NIKE way. I`ve started on my new job with Nike Singapore as a Retail Associate / Athlete for the upcoming First NIKE Concept Store in Southeast Asia on 23 Nov at Wisma Atria.

Its gonna be an exciting store for NIKE lovers as the store is not only well designed and functional but carries some of the better range of apparels and shoes for Running, Women's Training and my personal favourite, the NSW (Nike Sportswear label). Then there is the NIKE iD!! For those who know of it, it ain't the shoes as of yet but we have the tees personalisation. Personally, it is highly recommended by me as I've seen some of the designs available and seen a video of how the same design can be 'edited' and printed in different ways to express individuality.

Currently we are undergoing rigorous training of not only about the Corporate Culture but Marketing, Customer Service and Product Knowledge. It has been great so far and it feels good to be 1 of the 18 people selected out of the 250 people who went for the interview. My Team-mates are great and fun people and we sincerely believe that we will be able to change the stagnant retail culture in Singapore; we are here to make a difference and make an impact in the lives of people whom we interact with in the store.

I really look forward to going to work everyday as it is so much fun as we learn and play while building strong team rapport and effectiveness. I too appreciate the things the company has done for us so far in making us feel special and important and from that I understand that is exactly how we should be treating our NIKE consumers too; to be sincere and treating everyone with respect and dignity. The fact that the company believes so much in us and taking so much effort in empowering us with skills and knowledge it reassures that my choice is indeed the right path.

On a more personal note. I have always been an avid NIKE Lover especially the JORDAN line as most people know and it is a dream come true to be able to work for the Brand that speaks to me and has always been at the top of innovation for sports footwear. NIKE is relentless in their pursue of wanting to create something that will help the Athlete perform better in their sport and that is one of the reasons why it is always my preferred choice. The shoes are always much better that that of its competitors though it may not be necessary as lasting at times. Whatever it is, I am proud to be a staff of NIKE inc. and will do my best to uphold the company's policies and share with the public what the company is sharing with me now; the NIKE EXPERIENCE!

'If you have a body, you are an athlete' - Bill Bowerman (co-founder and ultra-innovator of NIKE inc.)

ps: we had a little amazing race of our own too~ it is damm cool and fun! =]

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Punggol Central CSC vs Canberra CSC

58 to 54

It was a real great match-up and we played one of our best games. We were playing with our heart and the right kind of intensity. In regards of the game, the opponent never took the lead for more than 10 points though were still hitting their threes. This is credited to our defence as we did successfully limit the amount of shots they took beyond the arc. Not only that, we too managed to get their star players into foul trouble and had them nearly sent off.

Well, to summarise it all, we lost the game but we felt like winners as we played to the best of our abilities not as an individual but as a team and showed the audience that we are a better and more skilful team.


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