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Tuesday, September 23, 2008 1:15 AM

Review of Movie Idiocracy (2006)

Its so dumb that its not actually worth watching but I found myself stuck through it till the end. Sincerely, I did not laugh at any of the jokes or puns that was spoken nor amused by its more that degrading humour of watching a movie of just an ass farting for 90 minutes.

The very reason which had me persevered through the movie is the plot of having the world going into a evolution slump by the year 2505 and the smartest person in the world is just your average Joe (pun here again with the protagonist's name being Joe) in our current time frame.

The army conducted an experiment of trying to conserve our best for the future thus Joe and a whore Rita was chosen to be guinea pigs for their lack of kins in the world. It being that they will not be missed nor the army would be questioned should they be gone.

Both of them were told that they will be awaken from their slumber pods a year later but the project was scraped months later and both find themselves awaken 500 years later to a world of idiots and chaos. The world got into such a state thanks to the smart being too smart and wanting to have children at the 'right' time while the dumb were too stupid to care and just kept on reproducing in huge numbers.

This is a possible truth in terms of simple math: A ratio of more dumb people versus minimal smart asses with a mutiplication of 'X' with dumb people and divison of 'X' with smart asses annually. What a scary possibility...

This is a movie only worth watching for its thought of how the world may become in the future but its humour is not exactly up to everyone's taste. Try to get hold of it or you may borrow it from me if you want it. =]

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18th Seiransai [星蘭祭]

This year's Seiransai by Waseda Shibuya Senior High School was not as exciting as the previous years. There were new stuff like the Hana Yori Dango Drama and the Movie Screening but then there seemed to be lesser game stalls and there isn't a cafeteria set up by the students.

The haunted house is slightly different from previous years as its theme is that of a hospital. I did not enter it this year for I was told to come back twice for different reasons and after having seen their 'ghosts' walking in and out of their classroom, I feel that I have seen enough.

The Hana Yori Dango Drama was hilariously fun with a guy acting as the female lead. Though I did not understand half of their dialogue as my japanese language is pathetic, I was laughing along and enjoying the skit as it was well acted.

My personal favourite game stall for this year is Okumuland as the games were simple and entertaining and most of all the eye-candies. There were two beautiful girls and two quite handsome looking guys. KAWAIIIII~~

I played at the basketball 3 on 3 and both the ex-captain and coach still remembers me. The ex-captain with his ghostly face (his class is the one doing the haunted house for this year) asked me why do I play every year and I answered that this is the only time that I get to play against them and I always enjoy myself. He smiled and nodded in agreement.

This is the whole purpose of having Seiransai, the cultural exchange and acknowledgement of one another as an individual and earning one another's respect regardless of race or nationality.

Anyway, before heading off, we watched the final performance by a J.A.S. Sensei's son as he jammed away looking all suave and confident. It was his final year in this school and they will be heading off to USA when he graduates joining his Dad and older brother Kohei who are already there.

All in all, I enjoyed myself to a certain extend but it defiantely was not the best. =\

ps: I'm glad that the Dance Club is started but they have plenty to work on still. Ganbatte Ne~

Note :: Pictures below but none showing students from the school as requested by the School~

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Canberra CSC vs Tanjong Pagar CSC
77 to 33

We got brand new sets of Nike jerseys and an addition of 3 veteren players which strengthens the already potential club; Bryan, Yewen and Uncle Ah Zai.

This was our first game and a good test if our group of individually talented players could actually play like a team and be as good as what people expected us to be.

From the score and the way we played, it may seem like it but I personally am not convinced as of yet as our opponent was too inexperienced and did not prove much of a challenge.

Let's see how we fare against our next opponent...

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