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Thursday, September 11, 2008 2:04 PM

Met up with O.Z. and Joanna yesterday to discuss about this crazy idea that O.Z. has.
It sounds feasible at the moment and hopefully after more research and market analysis, it will further boosts our confidence in making things happen.

I'm so bored at home right now... Just received news about the INTER-CONSTITUENCY BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT 2008. Canberra CSC is in Group 3 and our first match will be played on Saturday 20 September 2008 at Yishun Sports Hall. However, the crappy thing is... WHERE is my NEW JERSEY!!??

I've volunteered to be a bench player and not a starter. I feel Guo Bing is more suited to start since he is a pure guard-type player that shoots the ball well. Moreover, I'm a slasher that penetrates the defense and I know that Daniel is more than adequate for that job.

Hopefully we can win the first round and not lose due to the various egos of our players. I'm not complaining about anything but I just am not confident of us as a team... We're all good players individually but I won't say that we're strong as a team together; we lack that cohesiveness and spirit of being one core unit.

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Ok~ Whatever... Thank God there are so many great things happening over this weekend. My Sis Emily's Birthday BBQ and the Japanese Drums & Dance Performance at Victoria Theatre.

Take Care all as I go watch animes on Veoh~

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