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Saturday, September 27, 2008 2:09 AM

Its gonna be a long day tomorrow :: Basketball, J.M.D., Lunch, Adorhythmatics, Basketball Competition. I'm heading off to sleep now since I gotta wake up at 7am.

Gonna leave you peeps with 2 of my favourite photos from the Natsu Matsuri 2008. Goodnight and sweet dreams people.

Note: Canberra CSC vs Teck Ghee CSC at Woodlands Stadium, 7.30pm.

Founding Four of Adorhythmatics

Trix & I posing for this 'SUBWAY AD'


D^Boy aka HiiRaGi

A Life dedicated to the 'F4' family, EGUES, Adorhythmatics & my Girl

D' Selected

Speak Out

Miku~ :D



Thank You
To all the wonderful people who supports my dreams and passion!