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Monday, September 29, 2008 12:09 AM

Felipe Massa switched from first place to last all thanks to the pathetic mistake by the FERRARI Pit-Crew and when I finally pinned my hopes on Kimi Matias Räikkönen, he crashes in the last few laps of which he was finally at fifth place.

Yeaps, my favourite F1 team is washed out of the standings in the first Night Race held in Singapore... I'm so freaking upset about it.

This is just a fan's complain so please do not take it seriously:

Ironically, Fernando Alonso Díaz wins the race while his team-mate Nelson Angelo Piquet was the first to crash in the race. This crash caused the whole standings to change and though it was not the cause of Team FERRARI's mistake but it definately gave it an 'opportunity' to screw up.

This is definately a RENAULT Conspiracy!! Hahaha~

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Nevertheless, congrats to Fernando Alonso Díaz (1) Nico Rosberg (2) and Lewis Hamilton (3) for a deserving win and making the first F1 race so memorable for us all.

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Canberra CSC vs Teck Ghee CSC
53 to 32

We have advance further in our grouping as we beat our opponents by 21 points. This was not a game of which we are proud of our win as there were many mistakes and our opponents had only 7 players. Not only that, Yewen and I both got 4 fouls of which were not justifiable. The calls of the referees were either bias or 'unsure' but then again, who am I to complain. "Play to referee's call!" Hahaha~

Let's see how we match up against Hougang CSC on Monday. =]

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