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Tuesday, September 09, 2008 7:02 AM

Changed the layout.
Added the Miku clock & the long-awaited chatbox~

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There will be quite a number of events that will be held over the coming weekends, however I would not be able to attend all of them.

JUMPSHOT Play Grounds
• 13th September 2008
Sapphire Pavilion, Sentosa

Dribble the ball, shoot hoops, clock timings and battle it out streetball style: it’s a mix of skill and fun, all put together. Teams will go through a series of challenges, namely 3on3 tournament, endurance dribbling, free throw shootout and ball-handling segments. Points will be accumulated along the way and teams with the highest number of points, win! (winning team gets cash of S$1,000)

Festival of Drum & Dance (J.A.S.)
• 14th September 2008
Victoria Theatre

Performances by;
The Japanese Cultural Society, Suwa Daiko Team
The Japanese Cultural Society, Folk Dance Troupe
The Japanese Association's Drum Group
The Japanese Association's Dance Group
Hui Li Art Group (Chinese Dance)

Seiransai [星蘭祭] 18
• 21st September 2008
Waseda Shibuya Senior High School

The annual school carnival by WSSHS is finally here, I thought that I will not be taking part in the basketball 3 on 3 as I've won a couple of times but my cousin says he is interested and would like me to play...

Whatever the case, Time to get it going and party at one of my favorite carnivals.

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