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Wednesday, September 17, 2008 10:57 AM


This weekend was totally packed out. Started off with the dance lesson for JMD which got me so pissed off. I totally do not understand why is it that they still can't do simple Chaines Turns by the fourth lesson and I'm not even asking for much. Moreover, some of them do not have the right attitude of learning. It made me wonder if there was something wrong with the way I teach or the way they learn or it may be a 'Generation Gap'. Whatever it was, I gave them a peice of my mind.~

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After JMD, it was off to settle the last bits of preparations for my Sis, Emily's Birthday BBQ. She got me a little worked up as she was stilll at home when she said she was meeting me in school so that we can go buy the remaining items for the BBQ. Whatever it is, she was the star of the day thus I just brushed it off and with Bryan, Kim Kai, B.T., Steve, Jia Hui and Trix we made our way to AMK HUB and bought the remaining stuff needed for the BBQ. Steve and Trix then came over to my place and helped with the pork preparation while the rest went to B.T.'s place to chill.

We gathered at the pit at 5.15pm and started the fired and cooking of the chicken wings and otah and it was a party all the way till 11+pm with good food, good drinks and great company. There was so much 'candid' moments and all sorts of jokes and catching up with one another that when it was time to leave there was an air of reluctance.

- - - - - - - - - -

38th Japanese Cultural Festival by Japanese Cultural Society, Singapore

G4 + Joanna, F3 + 3 (Jae N.A.), Jasmine, Emily and Steve attended the Festival of Drum & Dance at Victoria Theatre at 2.30pm. The performance was not bad and I did enjoy the traditional choreographies from both JCS & JAS but sadly the performers of JCS was not able to portray their choreographies with utmost standards and there was way too many mistakes...

After the performance, we made our way to Suntec of then which we bid farewell to G4 + Joanna, Zat and Gerry. We then hanged out at Mac for awhile before the guys finally decided on having dinner at our favourite Ramen hangout.

As Trix can only reach her Dad's place by 7.30pm and not earlier and she too needs to get Geláre Mooncakes, I stayed and accompanied her at Suntec while the rest made their way down first. Personally, I was irritated with Trix's whole idea... I do not understand how she can put up with such nonsense but when I knew what is really going on a few days later, I think I was just an insensitive boar. It was my bad and I'm glad I stayed...

Anyway, at 7.10pm after sending Trix to the MRT station, I walked to the Ramen Restaurant and was surprised that the rest have yet to reach when I messaged X.M. to tell him that I am already walking past Liang Court. It took me only 10mins to walk there and as I was still upset from the episode earlier, I was standing outside the restaurant with a really stern look on my face.

Then the waiter came out and this is roughly our conversation:

Waiter: Can I help you Sir?

Dan: Yea!

(Waiter directs me in and shows me this table for 6 which is surrounded by others)

Waiter: How many people Sir?

(I stared at him)

Dan: 6..! Hmmm... Wait Gimme a minute~

(I called the guys...)

Dan: Its a table for 7.

Waiter: Is it ok for you to take that table?

Dan: No! Is there others? (very irritated and angry tone)

Waiter: err... the ones infront is very warm... Can I offer you the VIP room.

Dan: Yes, much better!

When the rest came, they were joking of how the waiter must be afraid of me seeing how pissed I am thats why he gave me the VIP room and they did not even know of the conversation I had with the waiter. Hahaha~ All's Well That Ends Well and we had a great dinner and was stuffed to the max.

ps: Oh yeah... we are amazed at how fast the waiteress responded whenever we rang the bell, be it loudly or softly.

- - - - - - - - - -

Zhi Sen invited the Alumni for the Belated Lantern Festival Celebrations on 15 Sep but only Emily, Jasmine, X.M. and I showed. X.M. didn't even wanna come at first but thanks to Jasmine's persuasion, he was there. His face was so funny when he sees that Jasmine is not in office wear like he is. It was then we know that Jamine told him that she too did not bring anything to change and X.M. thought she was in formal wear. Hahaha~

Well... we had fun and the moon is indeed beautiful that night and there was an even a rainbow like glow when its light shone on the dark clouds.

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