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Sunday, August 03, 2008 11:39 PM
Melinda, Wendy, Valene & Cassandra. Some of the names that have been brought up while chatting with my friends over those 'coffee' sessions of ours.

I've seen Melinda recently and she looks much better from the last I saw of her since our little rendezvous back in March 2007. I'm glad to see her well and happy and finally putting on that little extra weight.

I too saw Wendy a couple of times this year and as a matter of fact, quite recently while shopping at Suntec. She didn't see me but yeah, I could recognize her easily... She's definately doing well in life but she sure didn't look as great and/or alluring as when we used to be together. She sure has put on weight; chubby~

Valene... Yes... Always end up talking about how bad it ended and not much about the wonderous adventures we shared over the 6 years we were together... Sometimes I rather not talk about her but she was and am still a very big part of my life.

Cassandra is because she's back in Singapore and that means so is Keeley!!! So excited~

Whatever it is, these names will always put an ache in my heart whenever they are mentioned but then they are nothing more than a chapter in that infamous history book of mine.

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Ending off this post by expressing my gratitude to the people who have faith in me and supporting and believing in me in all I do. God Bless & Good Night!

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