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Tuesday, August 26, 2008 4:20 PM

Hotart Misleading People

This issue is creating quite a stir in the Japanese community. Ki Tat, a junior of mine from NYP S.J.C.C. who was a volunteer helper for this year's Natsu Matsuri 2008 has been misleading people with his 'truths' and stories in the sgcafe forum.

Apparently, he has no idea what-so-ever or he is just a dumb-ass Attention seeking Buaya who wants to impress others with his 'inside' news and his participation in one of the biggest event for the Japanese community in Singapore. However, maybe it slipped his mind that there are many people who reads the sgcafe forum. Moreover there are readers who are affiliated to J.A.S. and may even be very old members of sgcafe who doesn't post anymore. (I do not even want to start on why the old members not wanting to post or educate the newbies in the forum anymore.)

Well, things got out of hand as his slanderous assumptions and his information of the "dos & don'ts" start to affect the people that are actively involved with the Japanese community and their events. Ki Tat aka Hotart in sgcafe has dug a deep hole for his own grave. I wonder who are 'the seniors' he was referring to and who told him about slippers not being allowed and lastly the fact of next year's Natsu Matsuri being a Private Event. I think J.A.S. must be wondering about the same things.

This matter is not as simple as it seems as per in the sgcafe forum as if Ki Tat is found to have mis-used his 'name' as a volunteer and has thus caused hurt of any form to the reputation of J.A.S. he will be dealt severely by either J.A.S. itself or by NYP.

In summary, he is free to express his thoughts and feelings but should not have made it sound like as if he is the spokes-person for J.A.S. and jump to assumptions that mislead the public. Indirectly, Ki Tat aka Hotart proclaim 'staff' of this Event and is now in a whole lot of shit and trouble.

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