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Tuesday, August 26, 2008 4:04 PM

General Feedback of the Natsu Matsuri 2008 Performance by Adorhythmatics with J.M.D. ::

1) Traditional is the most preferred.

2) The interludes are too long and have the audience puzzled / hanging lost.

3) various supporters for 60s, 70s & 80s.

i) 60s comments generally that they are not lively enough and lack the energy

ii) 70s Choreo is nice sadly not executed well enough and the dressing seems like wearin home clothes and not hiphop at all.

iii) 80s seem like ballet to many and there are mixed comments towards it but mostly that it is good.

4) Trixy as usual outshined everyone with her vocal & dance however she was commented to be a little lackluster at the start but did better later on.

5) Many commented that it was messy at various parts of the performance on the whole.

6) Lue Song still need to work on his singing but his stage presence was undeniably the show of the day.

7) Acting for the transitions is bad~

--- Thoughts :: ---

Ota Sensei said the transition was too long and confused the audience. The Namie medley is a failure to him and if not for Kiyoshi Soran to bring back the energy from the crowd, all would be lost. He said that R.P. did better that we did this year unlike last year.

However, the J.A.S. senseis sang praises of the performance and of Trixy's singing. Mr Simon even messaged Yvonne to tell her of how much J.A.S. loved our performance. N.U.S. too expressed their appreciation and saying it is a Good Job Well Done to Zhi Sen.

As for my personal self, there were some glitches here and there and there is definately room for much improvement especially for the younger batch. Nevertheless, it is a job well done and everyone gave their best and covered themselves well when they did mistakes. I am happy no one stuck out their tongue, froze on stage and / or made 'sounds'.

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