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Tuesday, July 22, 2008 12:36 AM

Title :: A new layout for the start of many good things to come.

A whole month of absence from blogging is due to many reasons... I even wanted to close it down as I felt that there isn't any reason for me to keep it if I'm not gonna update but thanks to a few of my friends' encouraging words, here I am with a new blog skin. (smiles)

NYP Cosplay Arts Festival is officially over and though there were many good reviews of the event, I sincerely felt that there was so much more that can be improved on and had made the event better. Nevertheless, I appreciate the effort put in by the people involved and am satisfied with how the event went on the whole.

I especially wanna thank my Backstage Crew aka J.M.D. peeps for their support and even more so to Sherwin, Joanna & Zhi Sen for making so many things happen for this event.

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Dance practices for the upcoming J.A.S. NATSU MATSURI have been a little slow and still not of standard. Hopefully by early August the dancers would have been polished enough to at least put on a proper review for the J.A.S. Senseis'.

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