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Monday, July 28, 2008 11:25 AM

Currently everything is 'reset' to 'Normal' thanks to the selling of some electronics of mine and Merlion's graciousness. However there is still some things outstanding.

Enough of the shit stuff...

Ota Sensei treated Zhi Sen, Zat and I to dinner at the Naked Fish on 26 Jul 2008. The Dinner was a little awkard as we were still strangers to Miss Ishida who were with us and Ota Sensei had to keep trying to warm up the atmosphere.

Anyway it went well and throughout the things discussed or chatted on, we could feel how much Ota Sensei trusts us and that really was a confidence boost as we all know how 'kiasee' he is.

After the dinner, we made our way to Esplanade for a Contemporary Dance from Japan; true 本当のこと By Takayuki Fujimoto, Tsuyoshi Shirai, Takao Kawaguchi, Takuya Minami, Daito Manabe, Satoshi Horii, Seiichi Saito, Motoi Ishibashi, Masaki Teruoka, Noriko Kitamura.

It is really an eye-opener and I enjoyed how they put the message of a time-traveller across with not only the dance but the use of sound and lighting!~ FANTASTIC!!!! I sincerely thank Ota Sensei for bringing us to such a magnificent production.

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A little something I wanna voice out after yesterday's little incident that I happened to have observed.

Best friends are hard to come by and they should be treasure and respected. Sometimes they need to be tolerated due to their nonsense but do remember it is vice-versa. Last of all, never enforce your own 'COMANDMENTS' and expect your best friend to follow. It is all about compromising and understanding.

God Bless people!

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