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Friday, May 02, 2008 1:35 AM

This is an entry about the currently 'infamous' Naomi Liu of FHM Girl Next Door 2008.

There has been much speculation as to the right and wrong, truth or lies of the people that are unhappy with Naomi trying to 'cover and deny about her unglamorous past'. This issue is currently one of the Hottest topic bewildering many readers currently and I too can't help but find myself being intrigued by the immense interest generated by this 'Scandal' of Singapore.

This 'Scandal' of Singapore; the Grind behind the Innocent Face has indeed entertained many readers like myself but I do wish that bloggers who do not know Naomi personally to be more responsible with their words as 'the pen is more mighty than the sword'; our words may very well be the weapon that kills an innocent person. Nevertheless, if it is the truth which has been reported for the benefit of the public, then I not only respect and admire but applaud the action.

However, though in my perception, Naomi's whose dishonesty is indeed a scandal but we should put one-self in her shoe and think of how much pressure and stress she may be going through in this ordeal. Therefore, it comes as no surprise as to why she would want to cover up her past since it definitely will hurt her soaring career. Personally after reading the various comments left in forums and posts from blogs, I can't help but agree on how much truth there is in view of her most deceitful and unscrupulous past. Nonetheless, we should give her the benefit of doubt that she has learnt from her mistakes and have taken upon the path of self redemption. Everyone deserves a second chance am I not right?

Enough is said and I think I should take a break from reading this Juicy Gossip as it is starting to cloy my senses. Take Care and Good Night people. God Bless.

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