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Saturday, May 03, 2008 1:00 AM

In response to Paperger's Wednesday, 2008 April 30 Blog entry:

Your current entry is the most insightful & detailed one as of date and I could feel the anguish from your writing.

The past is the past and tho' it may haunt us now and then, do not allow it do to so since they are merely part of our own history text. I have such experiences like you do and I know it totally sucks.

I too am a Scorpio and agree with you about 'being vengeful' is all up to one's mindset. If indeed all Scorpios are vengeful, we would be very busy just to get back on people who has inflicted much hurt on us but I guess Scorpios are way too smart to waste our time on such trival matters.

All in all, I can't help but pity Naomi for not understanding the true value of life and only focus on being a Material Girl. True Friends are hard to come by and I believe when she finally notice this fact, she will regret much for losing you.

Sorry bout the long comment and thanks for uploading Jeff's Hits. I've been using your webpage as my music player for the past 3 days. =] Cheerios and God Bless


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Something interesting I came across... Glamour recently conducted a survey on sex and love and compiled a list of the top 10 orgasmic positions for women. Here are the results:

Ten: Spooning This is with the girl lying sideways and the guy contouring his body to his partner’s from behind her.

Nine: Modern Missionary This is with the girl on top but lying down so that the couple are face to face and toe to toe.

Eight: Rear Entry, Standing Both are on their feet with the guy entering from behind. Simple in theory, not so simple to execute.

Seven: Rear Entry, On All Fours Doggie style. Many guys like this one.

Six: Girl Lying, Guy Standing This requires a table or platform of some sort. The girl lies on the higher level, kitchen table or whatever, and guy stands between her legs.

Five: CAT Position The Coital Alignment Technique is a variation of the missionary and is engaged when the guy goes forward until both their pubic bones meet.

Four: Girl On Top Cowgirl!

Three: Reverse Cowgirl Cowgirl with girl facing the guy’s feet.

Two: Missionary The classic missionary. Hard to go wrong here.

One: The Ultimo This is like number six but without the table. The girl puts her legs over the shoulders of the guy and raises her hips off the bed.

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