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Wednesday, May 07, 2008 11:05 AM

Boston Celtics won their 1st Game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kevin Garnett led Boston with 28 points, while LeBron James was held to 12 points on 2-for-18 shooting , mostly thanks to Paul Pierce. Paul Pierce had a 2-for-14 shooting night and Ray Allen went 0-for-4. The last time Ray Allen was score-less was back in 1997 in his Rookie season.

Cavs fans may say that the 76 to 72 win is mostly due to luck and bad referee calls. Moreover, their explosive scorer did not perform and they were still able to hold on tight to the all dominating Celtics.

Sadly, I do not agree since that two of my Favourite NBA players did not do well too and the Celtics still came off with the win. Therefore, in my perception both teams have had their bad strain in this Game and for the Cavs, they really need LeBron James to be the scoring threat he has been throughout the season. However no one can deny that the Celtics do have an upper hand should both Paul Pierce and Ray Allen come out strong and not-forgetting the unstoppable Kevin Garnett.

Whatever the case is, Cavs is Great but Celtics is Just Better!! Go BIG 3~.

Take Care & God Bless People. =]

ps: Go watch this Gatorade: KG commercial

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