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Monday, April 28, 2008 6:14 PM

SJCC Club Crawl 2008

JMD Outing

SJCC Orientation 2008

A new layout showing the U2 ipod which I own as a layout and I hope its refreshing for you guys.

It is almost 4 weeks since my last entry. It has been quite a busy week and plenty of events to keep me pre-occupied though I may be jobless at the moment. I'm not going to write much as I'm just gonna let the pictures do the 'talking'.

Anyway, JMD Orientation is over too and I do not have much to comment on the freshies that have came. The 'choreography' game was a little disappointing but there were some surprises nevertheless.

Life is good at the moment but I can really do without the slanders and haters. You people may think you are acting out of 'righteous belief' but who the hell are you to judge me when your 'truth' is thwarted by your own bias perception and gossip chit-chat.

Have a good week ahead. =]


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