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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 8:27 PM

This is gonna be a long entry as I finally have the time to sit down to write a proper ‘article’.

As usual there is much controversy about the debate in regards to where my life is heading as of now and what the future holds for me. Sincerely, I can’t be bothered about what others say of me moreover what they think. I live my life the way I want it and as long as I am proud of what I have achieved and have been able to make a positive impact on others, there is no regrets. I live by my own rules not “yours”.

Let us all look deeper within ourselves and ask if we are indeed truthful about everything in our life. Think hard and tell me honestly, how many of you readers actually are able to say, “Yeah Dan, I’m all honest about everything I do and every decision I make.” How certain are you people that your actions and decisions are not swayed by circumstances and/or social pressure or expectancy? My answer is definitely a No but I try my best to live towards my Dreams. I shall not be a slave of what the World expects of me but be a master of my own life though many do not think highly of what I am doing as of now; I am a pauper of materialism and a wealthy man of my own achievements and goals.

Daniel & Pei Di is getting engaged on the 27th November 2008 and I am enthralled by the very thought that another brother of mine is tying the knot with one of the most charismatic girl I’ve known. Obviously with this, there have been numerous people asking me when it will be my turn and sad to say, the answer is I am not certain at all.

The very reason being that there is that uncertainty and that big void which makes me feel hollow and empty furthermore, I am in debt still as my medical bills have yet to be paid and then I am suppose to take over the housing loan bills of my current flat. Therefore, there wouldn’t be any savings and thus I seriously do not believe I am in any position to talk about marriage as of yet. I need a good career on which I can devote totally and devote upon to get myself financially stable before anything else.

Enough about the dark and non-inspiring side of my life and let’s get ourselves motivated. As I have been playing Basketball at least once weekly with the guys and them improving, I am getting my game back; the ball feel, the touch, that penetration and those fade-aways. I played a few friendly against some semi-pro teams in the last 3 months with my Expat team and recently against a team of retired Uncles with my Canberra CSC team. I am glad I performed well in all of them and especially helped on the defensive end.

I heard that the Canberra CSC team is serious in taking part in the Men’s Open Category and I wish that they are able to put more trust in not only my game but in some of the other guys in the team. They are too fixed by their own perception that they do not see the whole picture. I am not just a rebounder and my strength isn’t in the paint. I am a Anfernee Hardaway kind of player and there are other guys in the team who can run plays better and too can score. We have to maximize the capabilities of all our players for us to be able to get pass the qualifiers. Pathetic isn’t it but it is about growing together as a team that makes Basketball fun.

JMD is doing great as it has been new choreography for each upcoming event. I too am glad to see my friend doing my choreo for his dance lessons. It was indeed great to see dancers doing my choreo and being able to bring out the feel and energy of my choreography. Oh yeah, I too am so happy to see N.D. step out of retirement and dance. He did a Great Job at Dance Works 2008. Like I said, “A dancer will forever be a dancer, he or she will dance as long as there’s a groove”

Anyway, the preparations for Club Crawl 2008 is well on schedule and the choreography has been well-received by the people I have shown it too. I have high expectations for this performance as it will be a first for JMD to do something like this. Moreover, half of the performers are amateurs and have no background at all and it will be great to see how well they are able to perform on the actual day. Everyone is working hard and I am doing my best to ensure that all of them will look fantastic by then.

Have a great week ahead people. God Bless! =]

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