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Wednesday, March 26, 2008 7:24 AM

I watched the SPOP Hurray Finals at the indoor stadium and I enjoyed myself.

The show was not too bad and the various artists sure put up a Great show for us all. I wished that some artists could perform more songs as they were really good. I even sang along to a couple of the songs and really appreciate what the pioneers of our local music industry have done for us. The best moment of this whole performance in my personal view was when '熟男三人组' was on-stage.

I was so lucky to have sat at A05 Row 9 Seat 8. It is the 'brightest' seat in the whole indoor stadium. What I meant was that due to coincidence, this seat is directly shone at by one of the spotlights. Thank God I was dressed for the occasion in a white jacket, striped blue shirt and dark denim straight-cut jeans with a pair of Pony canvas high-cut shoe. I was indeed one of the 'highlight' of the show. Dammit.

To rub salt into the wound, Jaeson sms me, "Bro your jacket very bright" I replied, "the bloody spotlight make me a superstar lor. Thanks man. Dammit! Haha." Jaeson then sent, "I've taken some pic. You're really an attraction. Haha. Enjoy the show everybody"

I too had an emotional moment when Elva performed... My Ex, Wendy kept on telling me how much people said she resembled Elva and she never fails to chose a few of her songs whenever we went to KTV that has marred me with the thought of her whenever I see Elva or hear a certain few of her hits.

Nevertheless, all of us had fun and I believe we did enjoy the show except the part when Fann Wong performed.

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JMD has finished the whole Choreography for the song Wait & See by Utada Hikaru. All that is left is for Ezzat to finish up the Traditional Dance with them so that we can start the full runs on the coming Saturday.

Another worry of mine is how ready is our Singer in terms of her vocal and her coordination with my dancers. This Saturday will be a day of revelation of how prepared all of us are for this upcoming performance.

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Step Up 2; the Streets

This movie is what you would call a rip-off from its predecessor. It is horrid in terms of the story-line if you consider that it has one. The plot is so flat that it is sad. It is more of a screening of dance sequences with some talking packed into 90 minutes.

Furthermore, for those of us who haved watched the movie You Got Served [2004], will find the dance moves and choreography of this movie sub-par. You Got Served is like a defination of b-boy and hip-hop and Step Up 2; the Streets was totally owned when it tried to replicate its sucess.

What made Step Up great was its fusion between the different genre of dances and the development of its protagonist and the people around him. The message of that dance is all about passion and expressing yourself through it was well sent and felt in the movie unlike this sequel. The romance was well built and the choreography was nothing short of creativity which have us thinking why is the romance in the sequeal so unconvincing and whats with the 'seen-it' choreography.

The finale choreography in Step Up 2; the Streets is indeed spectacular with all the effects from the rain and the lighting and I could see many in the cinema loved it but yet I was bored... The music was a bad combination of songs and the choreography could be better given the talent of dancers in the movie.

I ain't sure why people find the movie good but I would say that it is only below average. A disappointment for me.

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The Water Horse, Legend of the Deep

Nothing much to comment about except that I really enjoyed seeing the Loch Ness monster being brought to life with a more meaningful tale to it. The special effects were great and it will warm the hearts of many with the relationship between the protagonist and Crusoe the Water Horse. This is one of those movie which should be watched with the whole family.

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A movie with plenty of 'obscene' references which I find typical in Will Ferrel's movies. There will be plenty of laughter as there are so many dumb-witted moments and maybe a little inspiration to your soul as to how his team fought back from being the worst in the ABA to being fourth in the league. This is a movie which will be well-enjoyed by those who can stand his lame and slap-stick sick humour. "I know I did."

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Resurrecting the Champ

Resurrecting the Champ is a movie that is not screened in the Singapore Cinemas. I have to say that it is indeed a shame as Samuel L. Jackson's stellar performance brings forth the intense and strong flavour of the character that he is playing. Josh Harnett does well too with his usual melodramatic role which contrast well with Samuel L. Jackson's, not forgetting how much of an eye candy he is on screen.

The movie is about a Journalist and how he learns about certain values of life; Love brings about lies due to the expectations from and to your loved ones. This movie is nothing short of inspiring moments and at times makes one shed a tear or two. I really enjoy how the story develops as Samuel L. Jackson's character, 'Champ' is revealed to the audience bit by bit with glimpse into his past every time he tells Josh Harnett, 'Erik' the Journalist about it.

When I first got this movie, I thought it was all about boxing and how they will make a champion out of a retired boxer. I was thinking it is more or less of what you expect of a Rocky movie but I was proven wrong as it is all about the journey of a Journalist living up to his Dad's name.

I find myself drawn into the movie as I had mentioned earlier, the stellar performance of Samuel L. Jackson which gets you smiling and wanting to know more of his ironical character; a sad and miserable yet bubbly and jovial has-been boxer, 'Champ'. Moreover, I too love to express myself in writing thus I find ease in relating to how 'Erik' wants great material to pen on. However, the message of this movie is what most impresses me.

How many of us have lived our childhood trying to fulfill the expectations of our parents and wanting to earn their praises and be proud of us. Even up to this very day itself, all grown-up and working, I still find myself trying to make my Mum proud of what I do and the choices I make. Not only that, with my age, I too see my friends trying to be a hero to their children; of being that 'Superman' that impresses their child. I guess this is the very reason why there are 'white lies'...

I shall stop here in regards to this movie before I spoil it totally for those of you who are interested. It is highly recommended to those who enjoys a verbal movie that brings you upon an emotional ride and a look into the society. Be warned that this movie is for almost two hours and should not be watched when you are tired for you may doze off.

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SLAM (only in GV)

This China flim is the best Basketball movie I have watched so far. The plot is pretty straight forward but still it manages to captivate the audience with the strong contrast between the 'hooligans' and protagonist.

The basketball scenes were great as they showed proper basketball plays and runs and adding some AND1 flavour into it. The adrenaline and intensity of the whole 3 on 3 competition in the movie can be strongly felt and I myself too got all worked up when the opponents did some nasty plays.

All in all, this is a movie definately recommended for the basketball enthusiast.

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