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Wednesday, February 27, 2008 10:18 AM

"Nothing seems certain nowadays." Not sure why I feel so negative about life today though it really does suck every other day. Kekeke~

I am feeling a little depressed over a couple of things; Nothing much when you look at it individually but when all placed together, it feels as if I have an animosity against life itself.

This whole mix of upsetting emotions and feelings is weird in every aspect as God has blessed me with a pretty good life now and I should be contented and glad yet I am not. All in all, I am not happy with where I am in life right now and I want it to be better in every aspect. It is most amazing that I would be juiced up with aspiration and drive to climb higher from someone I least expected. Her drive and determination of wanting to excel and be a better person reminded me of how I use to be. I've always been a fighter setting goals in everything I do but somewhere along in life, I have slacked in some areas of my growth and this is not what it should be.

I know that I have yet to max out my potential and neither have I forgotten the dreams of my 'family' members which I carry upon my shoulder. It isn't bad the way I feel today for it is just a source to kick start a journey of greater development of oneself. =]

Note:: to my readers who may be feeling the similar way, I hope this post will charge you up and carry you through for better things in Life.


This is for the J.M.Dians!

It has been a real good performance and I had so much fun during this whole CHINGAY 2008 period from the first practice to the actual day, 2008 Feb 16. Yes, the rain at P.A. during full dress rehearsal made us cold and dampen much of our spirits but it didn't stop us from putting up a warming and heated up show for the people.

Then there was the horrid experience of having to see 'performers' running around and acting like monkeys with their fantastic 'disappearing acts' during CHINGAY Preview which screws up the whole formation. Adding on to that were the markers were as lost as the balloons in the sky. For once in my whole J.M.Dian life, I had to complain about Japanese I was performing with. Moreover, these people I had complained about are actually teachers...

Nevertheless, we had plenty of fun on the actual day, taking photos with various things and other performers, doing our own variation of the MARINA Ondo and just grooving and dancing to all sorts of stuff. I really dare not watch the Video taken by J.A.S. for definately there are plenty of candid scenes of us.

Hopefully, this CHINGAY 2008 managed to tighten the once little loose relationship knot of the members together. Remember, the foundation of J.M.D. is built on this phrase, "We are One Big, Happy Family."

- - - - - - - - - -

In regards to the upcoming CLUB CRAWL, I am really proud of you guys and the progress currently. I could see and feel the commitment and seriousness of each individual and that has made teaching you all so much easier. Keep this up and we will definately rock the school once again! Ganbatte !!

- - - - - - - - - -

This has been surprisingly a long entry. Hahaha~ Take Care and God Bless people.

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