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Monday, January 21, 2008 3:57 PM

Eleven Days passed since the last entry. Nothing much to talk about actually but there was some difference in my daily routine;

Well, I finally attended my first proper ICT and I loved it. Maybe it is merely because I do not need to worry about my work filled with horrible deadlines and stuff. All I did everyday in camp was to fuss over the weapons and the communication equipments. I got to know some interesting people too.~ Pretty fun stuff~

I finally got to see how this year's Chingay costume is gonna be for JAS and all I can say is that its getting brighter and brighter each year. Most of us are not keen on the costume and in fact we're extremely turned off by it. The other being that the Choreographers did not plan the formation properly and there was some screw-ups which was solved by the help of both XM & me. WTH~!!

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