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Tuesday, December 25, 2007 8:44 PM

Twelve days had passed since my last post. Nothing much cept that I've been pretty busy with work due to the Holidays and Christmas shopping. Right Here, I wanna say, "I WISH ALL A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE & FUTURE PLANS SUCEED WITH EASE!!"

I would say that the JMD peeps really did enjoy themselves at Li Qi's 21st Birthday Chalet (15 Dec 2007). It was so typical for us to all just catch up on one another and the traditional Photo-taking sessions. I'm glad that many people loved the present that XM & I put together in hours for Li Qi; a Photo/Scrap Book of sorts which brought back fond memories of the times we had all shared.

For some, they would have noticed that there was some 'intense' moments during the Chalet as the Present & the Past crosses path. Truthfully, having to relieve it was more than I could handle for once. I'm just glad that it was all fine in the end.

I'm really sorry to Yvonne for not being able to make it to her 21st Birthday Chalet (16 Dec 2007) as the very next day I had to work and am really all worn out by the time we had played at the Escape. It was a promise to Jess that we will accompany her to the Escape on the 16th.

XM who was not prepared to be wet did not bring any extra clothes to change and ended up buying at the World of Sports at Downtown East. "Dammit, I really like the Basketball Shorts I picked out for him. It was the replica of the 1995 Chicago Bulls Alternate Jersey; Black and Red with pin-stripes." Anyway, in summary, we had plenty of laughs and screams but the most memorable has to be Jae driving into the wall in his Go-Cart.

Christmas eve was spent counting down at XM's place and though Daniel, Peidi, Leon, Fidel, Jasmine, Zat, Gerry and SH could not make it, we still had a Blast and enjoyed ourselves to the Fullest! I love such gatherings with my 'Family'.

All in all, it has been great for these past 2 weeks and though I can't help missing some people during this Festive Season, I am glad for the people who are here with me and Thank God and them personally for being in my life.

Note: I received quite a number of presents personally from my colleagues this year. =] I was so surprise and sad as I didn't and couldn't get them anything in return... NEXT YEAR I WILL!!!

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