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Friday, November 30, 2007 3:17 PM

A few days back...
Yeah... if only we were still together...
It would have been a lovely 2 years...
All thats left now are the memories of the past...
and dreams of what that special day would have been.

If only we were still together......

--- --- ---

Ok! I'm done with the emo~ stuff. Its a Friday and the weekend is here. I wouldn't be joining my company for the FAMILY DAY OUTING to BATAM... Kind of sad that I wouldn't be able to feast on the wondrous Seafood dinner / BBQ and the massage session that I had pre-arranged.

Nevertheless, I know that I will still enjoy my weekend as I always do as I spend time with My brothers and friends. Hahaha! Talking about that, it is indeed quite peculiar that people compare our 'clique' to that of an Exclusive Club. Sincerely we guys had never thought that our activities to be 'exclusive' but just that we're not really that socialable. in fact, we're more Elusive then Exclusive. Hahahaa!

Thats it for now. God Bless people!

PS: Oh yeah... Trixy is down with sickness too. I want her to be well soon! Worried oh~

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