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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 2:03 AM

20 November 2007

It has been Nineteen days since I've last updated my blog and seriously that is a pretty long time for a blog.

Some of the main 'events' during this period of absence;

1) My Birthday Dinner at OUTBACKS in which Zat & I challenged each other to see who shall finish our jug of soft drink faster. Mine was Coke while his was Ice Lemon Tea. Take a Guess. Who do you think Won? *grins*

2) 3 November 2007: NEA Performance! We rocked the stage and showed the audience that Ardorhythmatic & JMD can dance though there were always doubts about how well we can perform. =]

3) 7 November 2007: I got myself into Hospital again... Luckily it ain't Haemoptysis but it ain't any better as I have Nasal Conjestion. I am now on 2 months medication. Hai~ Damm! I hate the Hospital as they not only take my blood but my money. Expensive treatment.

4) 17 November 2007: Partying at PLUSH. There wasn't much of a crowd till like 1am much to our surprise. C'mon man! DJ KoFlow's spinning so where are you peeps man. You gotta give some respect & love! We guys had fun that night though I was mistaken for a homosexual thanks to Zat and the peculiar positions of how all of us are 'scattered' near the platform. Sad to say, there weren't much ladies on that night. Aww~ Oh yeah, We saw FB's 04 batch of Dancers there too.

Attached are some pictures. Enjoy.

Zat and I during my B'dae 2007


mY ReCenT Pic.


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