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Tuesday, September 04, 2007 8:43 AM

Talked about being pissed with people you do not even know. Dammit!

Trixy & I were on our way home after meeting up for dinner and a little shopping. We were sitting at the corner seats of the last cabin, last door snoozing away when 2 girls entered from Dhoby Ghaut Station. I was slightly awaken by their rowdiness thus I did take a glimpse of them before dozing off again.

The girl with her back facing me was wearing a white doll dress while the other was wearing a black cardigan, white blouse and a black mini 'flare' skirt. I couldn't really be bothered as they carried the 'aura' of our Nation's Ah Lians and I was too tired.

I finally woke up when Trixy got off at Braddell Station as she overslept. Nobody seemed to be interested in the empty seat beside me when Trixy got up and I was thinking, "Great! I get to occupy both seats". I was so wrong as the girl in white hurriedly took the seat beside me when the Train door closed and moved.

It wasn't an issue and I thought I could get back to sleep but they talked loudly; bitching away about someone they know of. It was irritating and what made it worst was the laughter of the girl in black skirt sounded like that of a bimbotic crackle. "God, save me!"

When the train reached Ang Mo Kio Station, I 'woke up' with a cough and adjusted how I was sitting and the bag on my lap and continued trying to get back to sleep. Alas, they really got me awake when I saw the girl in white asking the other girl to come nearer after I got back to 'sleep'. She whispered into her ear, "The guy beside me is not bad-looking but too bad he's attached. Then so sian, his girlfriend like so plain and ugly lor~ So 'bu pei'..." Then both started to giggle.

I was like so freaking pissed off! Firstly, you're bad-mouthing Trixy. Then they did it in front of me though they whispered (so loudly). Last of all, both of them are really UGLY! I pretended to sleep throughout the rest of the journey listening to them gossiping and so confidently think how great and pretty they are; people copying their style of dresing or how others can't compare to how stylish or preety they are.

The ironic thing was that they were talking about how people have low self-esteem and then suddenly the girl in black mini said that she is one person who lacks self-confidence. Upon hearing that the girl in white was kind of shocked and asked why is that so and tried to encourage her to have more self-esteem and confidence cos she was pretty and all. Bimbos~

Well, when I got off the train, I took a good look at both our pretty girls and this is my verdict.
They are indeed UGLY. Not just their character but how they look. The one in black skirt has a long face with not very fantastic features, and she was really boney with no figure at all. Furthermore, she was so un-proportional; head is big and FLAT.

The girl in white has a decent figure cept more on the 'tough' side as she seems to have a volleyball player frame. Her face was not smooth at all and believe me when I said you wouldn't want another look. I am not bias when I said all this though I am totally DISGUSTED by both of them and the way they carried themselves. It is the truth.

I pray for the both of them that God would save their poor souls and enlighten them on that the world ain't all about the superficial stuff and that inner beauty shines greater and brighter than the most sparkling & gleaming Diamond in the world. Amen~

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