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Friday, September 21, 2007 3:24 PM

Some of Us who stayed till quite late at Waseda Shibuya's Open House this year. It wasn't as fun this year as the games were rather boring in terms of it being the same ol' things every year. Moreover, the Prime Attraction, Haunted House was a let down. Good effort but that's all there is to it.

As usual, we went early so as to be able to find some great bargains at the Bazaar and we too took part in the Basketball 3 on 3. We lost in the first round but I wasn't bothered at all. Like I said, last year was my last competitive year and I only joined this year because Albin was playing. =]

Oh yeah~ After that I went to Cineleisure with Merlion, Steve, Selphie and Wendy for dinner at Pasta Mania before heading down to S.B.C. for my basketball match. In short, we beat Teck Ghee 20+ points. Thanks Merlion and Trix for being there to support me. =]

Ending this entry, I would like to show you guys what I found in my lunch on Wednesday: a worm in my packet of wanton mee.


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