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Thursday, September 27, 2007 12:47 PM

The Phoenix Suns version of the "Big 3".

Suns' Marion (Jersey No.31): 'It's time for me to move on'. The Star forward says he wants to be traded after eight years with the Phoenix Suns', the team that drafted him in 1999. Rumours have it that he may be donning the Lakers Uniform and sincerely that ain't too bad an idea since it would be great to see him playing along side the infamous Kobe.

Marion is one of my favourite player in the league. He may be the Suns’ highest-paid player and a four-time All-Star, but it is sad to know that he is under-rated though he puts up big numbers in different statistic groups. I do not think that Phoenix would have been a title-contender if not for Marion's consistent numbers and explosive play. Not-forgetting his tight defense too. Go Marion!~

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Canberra CSC lost to Bishan East CSC by 3 points... They were showering treys on us while we caused destruction in the paint. It had to be this type of game as our opponents average height was only 175cm while we had 4 players standing above 180cm. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the game and loved shutting down my dear 'Iverson-like' friend. No regrets~

To end~ You guys should catch UNDERDOG!!! It is marvellously cute and entertaining. So Have fun and take care people as the weekend approaches. God Bless!

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