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Friday, August 31, 2007 10:05 AM

What should I blog about... Where should I begin... Hmmm...

Well, Natsu Matsuri 2007 was a blast. I danced the whole night through and even taught a 4 year old Japanese Girl the Doraemon Ondo~. It was an event which I believed that the whole of JMD enjoyed.

In regards to our performance, I think we did well enough and though there were some 'minor' glitches here and there but we sure rocked the stage (literally) and captivated the audience. I personally believe that we could still have had done much better, nevertheless Kenji Ota Sensei and the Senseis' from J.A.S. think we did very well and am impressed by our performance.

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Other than that... Nothing Much to add-on. My personal life has been smooth sailing and work is fine on the whole. I'm surrounded by people that love me especially that someone significant. Hee~ Yeah! Life is Great!!

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