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Tuesday, August 14, 2007 11:42 PM

Tokimeki Memorial Only Love~

I cried when I watched the last two episodes... Guess I'll always be that guy that feels much with my heart... Amamiya-san...... It was a perfect ending for Aoba and her but Kasuga and Yayoi were hurt... especially Kasuga...

I still won't say which Girl I'm most fond of in this series but this anime has revitalise me in many ways and reminded me that I am who I am and that there shouldn't be any reasons for me to change my core basis to please people.

Oh yeah... I sincerely wanna thank Xiu Ling, Wan Ling, Valene, Arina, Wendy and Melinda for being part of my life. 'You' made a difference and made me grew to become a better person.

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Was kinda upset today... but I can't blame her... Nevertheless, neither did I think she would react the way she did nor as lost as a sheep. Still, there is still time to learn and I understand that this journey that we've started will not be just merely petals of roses but thorns as well.

Whatever it may be though, I still believe in that things can only get bettter.

**Yawns.. Nitez PPL and Sweet Dreams!! God Bless too.

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