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Thursday, July 19, 2007 11:32 AM

天宮小百合 (Sayuri Amamiya) or 春日つかさ (Tsukasa Kasuga)

which would you choose?

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JMD = Just Makes My Day!!

It has been nothing short of fun and laughs when I'm hanging out with you Peeps!

ps: KILL!!!

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I suddenly feel a bit emotional, having Nostalgic Emotions of how things had been for me when I was very much younger. I'm very much the same still, in terms of the basic core thats makes up me as an unique individual but much has changed since then.

I've learnt much from the people I've met and worked with, from the work I've done and most of all from the last few relationships. I've matured even more and am very much of an adult now regardless of how much I may wanna deny it. I know that I can't go around taking as much risk as I would have before. Sad to say, I do not have much youth left in me though many do not agree.

I may still seem like I'm wasting my life away but that ain't true as I'm working hard towards my dreams and even if it may seem unrealistic I'll still persevere. That is how great people are made; to dare to dream! I love the Arts and nothing is gonnna stop me from pursuing this route which I've decided to go on. I really Thank God for having people who understands and appreciates me and too believes in the journey I've set my mind on.

Relationship-wise... I've been too badly hurt... I do not dare to commit... My expectations are way too high currently and though I do agree that there are some girls who do make me have that 'doki doki' moment but not a single one is able to make me fall in love with her. Nevertheless, never say never!

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