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Monday, July 09, 2007 3:59 PM

Death Note Character test!

I came across this test while looking for things in regards to Angels. I was quite shocked that I got Kira but I've to agree that the description written is very true.


It may seem as if I haven't been blogging for quite a while but in actual fact, I have been blogging regularly but its all inside my SE_P900i. Will transfer it over when I've got more time to myself. =]

In point form format, the recent happenings in my life ::

27 Jun, Wed --- Afternoon practice with the Juniors and helped 2 girls with their Electrical Priciples studies earlier in the day.
28 Jun, Thu --- Dance Inc Session.
29 Jun, Fri --- Extra Practice for Dance Inc to prepare for Assessment. Sprained my leg while practicing my Assessment piece after Bball training... Dammit!
30 Jun, Sat --- Typical JMD day ending at S11 for dinner and MOS for chat!
01 Jul, Sun --- Natsu practice with the theme "who killed Erica!?"
02 Jul, Mon --- BORING DAY...
03 Jul, Tue --- Watched Nancy Drew with A2. Didn't go for Dance Inc as Ankle is hurting badly.
04 Jul, Wed --- Went to Novena Square to shop and ending it with a surprise Birthday 'Party' for Fidel. =]
05 Jul, Thu --- Watched Die Hard 4.0 with Fidel and then Dinner at The Hong Kong Cafe at Cineleisure. A day I totally chilled!! =]
06 Jul, Fri --- Played Bball with Marcus in NYP. Ankle was wrapped down tightly but still hurt much at night. Still can't do my turns!! Kolvis SHAVE DOWN!!
07 Jul, Sat --- JMD day; I was tired and frustrated with plenty of stuff related to Natsu!
08 Jul, Sun --- Sentosa with the Members!
09 Jul, Mon --- To Marina to settle my craving for meat!


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