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Monday, June 18, 2007 9:58 PM

Not really sure what to update on. Life's good I must say as I've been enjoying myself though I've been really busy with stuff.


Some random stuff ::

JMD is doing Great on the whole and sincerely, I'm so proud of what it is as of now. The energy level and the commitment of the members makes teaching them so much fun. I hope I've been a great mentor and friend so far and that they learn and enjoy every session conducted by me.

Recently, I've been thinking about some people that used to be in my life. They are now nothing more then memories that haunt me... I've been asked if I would go into a relationship any time soon and my answer is maybe but seriously speaking, I am not; there is still too much left from the last and I'm too afraid to commit. Nevertheless, Never Say Never!

A last issue to touch on. I'm a very emotional person. I get affected by all sorts of things that go on in my life and I feel much for the people around me especially more so for those in my inner circle. I believe it is alright to be emo~ as there are things in life that depresses us and make us feel so lousy and as if we're a piece of crap but I hate it when people get emo~ over self-pessimism, act on self-pity or think that they are the most pathetic creature to roam this Earth! What the Hell! What are they trying to proof or gain?

C'mon Man! I have a wretchedly bad health condition, been seriously screwed by my last relationship, yet to find a stable job and my Mum is getting really old! There's a Girl in JMD that has a worst heart condition then I have and has had so many operations done on her heart and then there's like my basketball teammate who comes from a really poor single family.

We choose how we want to feel about ourselves! We can be sad and upset over many things but if we choose to indulge in it and lie to ourselves about the truth then be prepared to lose everything. Not everyone will show concern and care and even if you get it, it's caused by the pity they have for your state! Grow up Man!! Be emo~ for the right reasons dammit!!


Thats it for awhile... GOD BLESS PEOPLE!!!

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