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Tuesday, June 26, 2007 12:17 AM

Happenings in JUNE 2007!!

This week has been quite an adrenaline rush of things!

We celebrated Jessica's super belated Birthday on Tuesday at Marina Bay steamboat with some of the 07' Batch joining us. On Wednesday, I did extra practice for the 07' Batch which was nothing short of their lame crap and energetic-selves. Thursday was even worst as I danced with Stage Arts at the Underpass to Esplanade then at O School for our lyrical Hip-Hop session! After that, I rushed down to Attica to meet up with Zat to party the night away! (Thanks Fidel in helping me get tickets before hand)

Saturday and Sunday is the usual routine now; Dance & Dance and Hang out with the JMDians!! Oh yeah... my coach really loves to make me run... Dammit!!


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