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Monday, May 21, 2007 2:06 PM

When in the End, it all comes back to Square 1...

If this is how God has planned for me... I could only say that it sucks at this very point of time. Is it indubitably true that it is by Chance that we get to know someone and it is Fate that a bond is built and it is Destiny that things happen?

It feels weird to be totally alone and living a single life. I do agree that now I have all the freedom in the world but yet it amounts to nothing. Guess I'll undoubtedly need to get use to this life now since there's no one whom is interested in me and vice versa. Initially I had hopes that after I put the whole Wendy issue behind me, things will start to head in a better direction in terms of my social life and even maybe with that someone special but it didn't happen.

Life on the whole is great right now; I have my Brothers & Lil' Sis, my Friends and my Dance. There is an ample amount of positive stress and things for me to accomplish thus I do not really have that extra time to think much amount my own personal things or emotions. Nevertheless, it does slip into my mind now and then... It hurts definately!

Actually what hurts the most is that I really feel that I'm the worst person in this world. Maybe Wendy is right... Maybe even Melinda knows something negative about me which I do not even know of... Arina is lucky that we didn't stay together and as for Valene... I ain't sure what to say. All in all, if I was indeed the role model that many look up to, why am I still that lonesome person? I'm just a big fake!


JMD is really great at this point of time and progress has been nothing short of expectations which brings forth satisfaction. Hopefully this will carry on till Natsu Matsuri. Ganbatte JMD!!!

Oh yeah! KTV on Sunday was great but it wasn't enough man... There were like still so many songs that has yet to be sung! Anyway, I still sound awful as always and Gin still trashed the Jap songs with ease and did very well while XM showed us he can rock you as long as he knows the songs well. Hahaha!

Cindy sang quite a number of songs while Jasmine sang along to almost every song but witout the mic. Selphie did well and nothing less but Steve was kinda not his usual self but still we all had fun!! Hey, its KTV not singing lessons! HECK!!!


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