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Tuesday, May 08, 2007 5:07 PM

It has been more than a week since I've lashed out at Wendy. She finally returned my adidas bag which is in tattered and torn conditions and also the printer / scanner which I've no idea if its still working or not. Not surprised to say, she did not return me my laptop. It just goes to show what kind of woman she is...

I'm too tired to go on in regards of how much contradiction and irony she creates. Moreover, she lied and cheated me on so many things its a wonder how I could have put up with her. The things people do for love...

I was really peeved and had wanted to tarnish her life in revenge but after much talk and considerations with a few close pals of mine, I've decided not to though the vengence is still burning in me. Well... there'll always be a part of me that want the best for her and loves her but it'll be nothing more than a facade of my life.


Haven't had any luck with my job-hunting again... It sucks man but I sincerely hope that when I do get it, it'll be the perfect job that I've been searching for.

As for Church, I didn't attend it on last Sunday as I was over exhausted from the activities the day before. Basketball on Saturday morning with Sara, Merlion, Selphie, Albin, XM and Zat was great but tiring. The first session of JMD is good and enjoyable and hopefully it was fun and exciting to the freshies'. The first Natsu practice was plain exhausting as the members are asked to do the dance steps again and again without much rest for 3 hours straight. Nevertheless, I'm glad to see how serious they are treating this and putting in effort.

JMD 5th Anniversary Celebrations, was a blast though many things screwed up in the last minute and the food was not able to be cooked fast enough for the hungry and tired members as there was only 1 BBQ pit. I sincerely apologise for it!

I'm glad to see many people set aside their differences to attend this function and had fun together. I really enjoyed watching the various batches representative try their best to outwit each other to complete their 'action'. The best actor has got to be Leon (04)! Hahahaha!

Puzzle Fighter Runner-up = Charmaine (05)
Puzzle Fighter Champion = Danny (02) =p


We had another BBQ on the following day but just a small group and it was so much fun as we really joked about various stuff! Then there was also the 'brotherly' talk when all of the rest went home and sincerely, I hope it managed to get into his head finally.


Well, before I'm off for my first jazz lesson, take care and God Bless people.

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