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Friday, May 11, 2007 1:44 PM

~an ironic feeling of an emptiness filled with both Joy & Depression!~

Not feeling good today... Called up the hospital and talked to my doctor and I'm asked to go down for a Jab to relieve myself of hyper-tension in my heart and pain and aches from my muscles.

I just saw Mel over at MSN but we didn't really chat since I do not even know where to start... I just wanna wish her all the best and that she'll be fine and well. Things will become better in time. Just leave it to God! =]

Gonna go to school to do some therapy swim to help myself recover. Thank God my doctor did not stop me from doing the Jazz dance and instead encourages me as it would help my flexibility and strength at my lower back which is so very important to my well-being. Its just gonna be tough for me in the initial stages as my body has to overcome much obstacles.

Oh yeah... I will be refreshing the old JMD site and use it for updates on JMD-Natsu practices and stuff. Alright! Thats all and God Bless people!

ps :: I Love you Peeps for being there and standing by me. Thanks for the support and believing in me when I'm starting not to believe in myself too.

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