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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 3:32 PM

I'm proud of the JMD dancers who are working hard and putting their all into the practices. The progress is more than acceptable, it is fantastic.

Stage Arts Night was an eye-opener in terms of how well the Drama side could do. They had an intriguing script and the acting was so good that I was so captivated and drawn into the whole story depicted.

KTV is good and I've finally sang enough to keep me feel contented for a while. Well, I still sound awful and lousy thus forget about me singing as a performance. Hahaha!


Regarding my personal life... I'm feeling great and all fulfilled as I'm packed with many things to do. Yes, I'm still single and no one is rocking my boat as of yet since I'm such an unattractive guy. =] Hey, but Life is good as of now so it doesn't matter!

God Bless People!!

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