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Thursday, April 12, 2007 1:35 AM

The truth is... I feel depressive... very empty and worst of all... slightly suicidal...

I had a great day today as it started with a msn chat with Fidel who thinks that I'm quite a looker (Thanks =]) and laughing over some pictures from SGcafe (Cosplay). JMD was fun as Lil' Sis and I learnt the Club Crawl Dance from the '06 Batch. Dinner was excellent at Marina with the good company of Cindy, Li Feng, Emily, Yvonne, Wendy, XM, Lil' Sis, Merlion, Jae, Jess, Selphie and Steve.

Therefore it is weird that I feel the way I do currently... I understood why God gave me such a brain so that I could help the people around me see clearer of what clouds them. I knew God gave me hands to draw and my feet to run and dance. I thought God gave me a heart to love the Girl I've decided on... a love that transcends all but I guess maybe it ain't so afterall.

I'm running out of the love found in my heart... I do not see the beauty of life anymore... What's the purpose of my presence in this meaningless world. It is so dark and so cold... Where's that warmth I'm seeking for?

I thank God that I'm surrounded by people who cares for me and showers me with the faith and trust but sadly this doesn't help to fill the hole that is growing and devouring me from within... Good Night People!!

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