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Sunday, April 15, 2007 12:24 PM

"Sometimes hurting may be the best remedy and too much concern could be a slow yet fatal poison."

A phrase which I told someone while having a casual conversation. Can anyone of you peeps relate?


Things have been both good and bad for me till this point of time. I managed to clear my doubts regarding Mel which totally put me at ease while sadly, there are still much uncertainties in my life and hopefully all will be resolved soon enough... I'm so tired emotionally and mentally.

Oh yeah... Weird but true, I'm starting to talk to Arina again. It feels good to be able to just feel 'normal' and totally at peace while having a conversation. By the way, we ended the sessions with the 06' Batch of juniors. All the Best to them for Club Crawl!


note :: The date for JMD 5th Anniversary is coming up and all JMD members will be invited to attend the dinner. When things are officially finalized, XM and I will start messaging you people. Hahaha!

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