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Monday, April 02, 2007 10:18 AM

I'm done with all the drawings for Wendy two days before Hong's Wedding. It was a real rush on that Wednesday... I ended up in Richard's (Rick) car and headed down to Sunshine Plaza to complete the renditions I've yet to complete and print those I've done at the same time.

It was weird to sit in a stranger's car especially more so to see my Ex' being so comfortable with a man who I feel has an interest in her. Whatever it is, my agenda was just to get the things done and fulfill my promise to her. I wouldn't deny that indeed I was bothered by it but I guess it was just normal.

On Thursday, I went to TTSH early in the morning as I woke up in alot of pain and was coughinh blood. The doc gave me 2 jabs, to stabalise my condition; 1 on the neck, the other at my lower back. He told me I should stop pushing myself so hard and be back on Monday for my check and a repeated set of jabs. (I'm done thus I'm blogging. Hee~ I'm good now.)

Mel flew off to Bangkok on Friday... Hopefully I'll be well and strong again when she returns. I'm glad that she messaged me during her trip, it sure makes my day to recieve them. I can't wait to meet up and spend some time together. =] (JEALOUS she went Clubbing there!!)

Hong's Wedding in short was plain explosive fun and a real gathering. I was such a joker that night that when I blacked out during the 'Yam Seng', they thought I was joking as I collapsed slowly & steadily, head first down towards the table before falling sideways towards Lil Sis' who was sitting on my left. Hahaha! (We even sang at the lobby after the wedding and the other guests looked at us in amazement.)

Cindy, Wendy, Lil Sis', Qiang Long, Li Qi, XM, Zat and I then went to Fashion Bar after the Wedding. There seemed to be like so many things to catch up on in terms of how things were back in JMD then. Really catching up on Old times. Hahaha!

Oh well...... over the weekend, some of us caught up with each other again and yes, Zat has finally and officially introduced Kelly to all of us! CONGRATS BRO!!

ps: JMD on Saturday was tough on the current batch but I'm glad they persevered and KTV was Fun with Steve, Daniel, Gin and XM.

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