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Monday, April 23, 2007 8:09 AM

"I thought it was all over but I'm wrong... I belong to her! There is often much twist and turn in life but somewhat and somehow, sometimes we may end up at the very beginning as that is the very goal in our life. Such Irony..."

This best describes how I'm feeling currently.


This week has been great for me and it was filled with plenty of surprises. I spent a marvelous day with Mel, Club Crawl was fun while my first Jam & Hop was fully entertained by Adam and the horrible sininging of the Live Band and last but not least catching up with my friends and even Wendy. Hopefully the new week will only get better. =]


I didn't get selected for the SIA Air Steward nor did my modelling friends; Guess we just didn't match their criteria. However, though we went for the interview half-heartedly, we were quite unhappy about the people who got in instead of us... I shall not elaborate but I do wish them all the best. We're just baffled by the management's choices.


ps: Gonna dance for 'serious'. Gonna rekindle that spark that didn't fade 10 years ago! Hope I won't fail the auditions!

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