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Sunday, April 29, 2007 6:34 PM

A Brand New Start!!

I've finally exploded as my oppressed feelings of pain, anxiety, hopelessness and inappreciation over Wendy has reached its limit. I had been a fool and a tool for her for way too long. I've had it with her telling me and others how lousy a person I am when I'm not. I do agree that I'm not perfect and I have my flaws but so does everyone.

I created quite a scene yesterday at M.O.S. as I totally let the alcohol get a grip on me. It was something which I had pre-planned and it went the way I had wanted it to. There were funny moments through the chaos and there are things about a person which will not change regardless of what is happening. Moreover, in some peculiar way, I found the true me again and I stood for my rights.

I said some bastardly & evil things to Wendy and I even cursed her with my life and hope all fails for her relationship. She hates me because I think too highly of myself and wonders where so I get the confidence for the things I said. Well, sad to say, thats what people around me have been saying and I've my achievements to prove it. Whatever it is now, I'm just glad it is finally over and I am moving on!

The chapter regarding the most Loved and Hated has Officially Ended!!


Things that D'man is gonna do as he rises from the ashes ::

1) Get a Job that allows me to learn more.
2) Get that Car license.

3) Do well in Stage Arts aka Dance Inc.
4) Do a great choreography for Natsu.
5) Launch Egues before June.


Specially for Mel~

I ain't certain what has happened and I do not understand why things are the way they are right now. I meant everything I said... but if ending it will be much better as I make you feel frustrated and all; I will.

Thanks for everything and making me believe in myself and that there could still be hope for love. You have been a Sweety and has made an impact in my life. I still think that things could turn for the better but it does take 2 hands to clap.

Pray and wishes you the best in all your future endeavours!

I'll Miss ye!!


D^Boy aka HiiRaGi

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Thank You
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