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Sunday, March 04, 2007 5:58 PM

Update on SJCC Camp 2007 ::

1) Registration for Alumni ends on 5th March 2007 11.30pm. So please take note. No late-comers will be entertained.

2) Details for the camp can be found at SJCC CAMP 2007.


All is well for me currently and I do not have much to complain or at least that is what I am telling myself. Still a little unsure about what I should do with the matters of my heart and as complications arises... I dunno... Well, if it happens, it happens ya. =]

Been catching up with some pals and spending more time with a certain someone that appreciates me and makes me feel so good and special. My contract at Polo Ralph has ended and I left the office with a wide smile as I learnt plenty and really enjoyed my time there. Moreover, how could I forget the 2 abrupt request of dance performances I did and my farewell party!

Gonna concentrate now on completing the tasks from Wendy and also to keep myself occupied with things I deem meaningful. I'm thankful for advices and the pushes but had enough of being put down and not treated the way I deserve.

Hope to see more Alumni signing up for the Camp. Spread the word! Take Care people!

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