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Sunday, March 18, 2007 11:07 AM

Things have finally come to an end with Mel~

Mel~ stated her views and I respect that... we discussed things over MSN and the verdict is as what she thinks is the best for us both. Obviously I am hurt but no one is to blame. This may actually be better for us both... It'll be a good time to really feel the importance of us to one another.

It is a beautiful thing and sincerely, I had much hopes in it but sadly things do not always go the way we want... Worst of all is that I had taken the first step and taken the plunge. It ain't deep but still it'll take me quite a while to get out of it. I do wish to meet her up soon but I know that it won't be possible; I can't see her and jus feel that we're merely friends. Well... what more can I say, "IF IT HAPPENS, IT HAPPENS!"


Drawing... Gonna redo the whole 16 outfits I did on Friday cos Wendy rejected it and complained how idiotic I am that I did not take the initiative to make it look 'nice' and bring out the feel of ner collection. I just followed what she asked me to do but whatever... I did not want to argue and its always my fault anyway.

Steve asked me on Friday, do I hate Wendy and I replied I do. In actual fact, its a mixture of both love and hatred but on the whole, I'm just freaking sick of it. Hahaha! Nevertheless, I'm kinda glad about it on the whole as with more practices I'll become better and making me feel the way I do now only secures the stand I took is the right one.


JMD performance was definately not up to standard but the energy level was there and it was really fun to watch. =]

If Jae didn't point it out, I wouldn't have known that there were 5 'generations' of JMD together yesterday. It feels really good to be part of something so big and to know we're still interacting. Hopefully, JMD will grow even stronger as the bond has been strengthen between all the 'generations' after the camp. GANBATTE!!!


Ending it off ::
Would you choose to luv someone whom you feel for from the bottom of your heart?
or someone who luvs you the way that makes you comfortable and appreciated?

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